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The Low Down on World Race Training

August 12, 2022
What is Training? World Race training camp is an intense (or in-tents, as it were) 2 week experience where you, your teammates, and your entire launch window meet in Georgia to connect deeply with the Lord and each other before flying to your first country. During your two weeks at Adventures, you will receive training and activation in how you can live in greater intimacy with God, deeper connection with your community, and a life dedicated to God’s mission for His people. Through teaching, prayer, scenarios, and relationship building, you will step out of fear and shame and into more relationship with the Father. You’ll also receive training on how to partner with God to establish His Kingdom on Earth. It’s designed to be challenging because we want to prepare you …

Semesters Commitment

August 4, 2022
Semesters Commitment   By participating in Semesters, I commit to the following expectations and understand that I will be held accountable to them by my leadership team:   Kingdom mindset. As a result of my relationship with Jesus, I commit to spreading the kingdom of God with my words and actions. As I go, I will proclaim this message: “The kingdom of heaven has come near. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, and drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.“ (Matthew 10:7-8) Abandonment. I commit to putting my expectations, entitlement, comfort, friends, and family second to following Jesus. “Anyone who comes to me but refuses to let go of father, mother, spouse, children, brothers, sisters—yes, even …

End-of-Trip Departure Details

June 10, 2022
Departing Travel Information: After returning from your trip, you will have a final debrief back at our home office in Gainesville, Georgia. Then we will shuttle you all back to the Atlanta airport on November 18th!      If you are planning to FLY home: DEPART from Atlanta, GA (Hartsfield-Jackson Int. – ATL) no earlier than 12:00 PM on November 18th.   If you are planning to GET PICKED UP: You can be picked up at the Atlanta airport (Hartsfield-Jackson Int. – ATL) no earlier than 11:00 AM on November 18th.     As always, let your Advisor know if you have any questions! 

The Low Down on Training Camp

May 23, 2022
Your bags are packed. (Or you’ve at least thought about packing a bag. . . right?)  You’re super pumped. (Or nervous or antsy . . . that’s okay. . . so is everyone else!) You’re busy writing thank you notes to all your supporters. (Ahem.  You know your Aunt Lina is dying to hear from you.)   There is no doubt you’re headed out on the adventure of a lifetime!    So let’s talk about this thing called training camp.  (Yikes! Maybe not that kind of training camp.)   Camp begins when you arrive at our main office in Gainesville, Georgia on the first day of your trip and lasts until you fly to your destination. You will first start out in Atlanta at Sonesta Atlanta Airport North on the 27th. The…

Spending Money on Your Trip!

April 19, 2022
So you’ve been support raising the cost of your trip, but what about paying for your coffee addiction overseas? That’s where spending money comes into play! All of your needs will be paid for from your trip cost, but if you want to eat out with your team, snuggle an elephant, hike a volcano…you’re going to need some extra dollars!  We suggest bringing $100 – $200 per month depending on how much you would like to spend on souvenirs, gifts, or anything extra you may like to purchase while on the field! This is just a ballpark number we’ve gotten from previous participants; you may want to bring more or less. You know your spending habits best. Pray about it, do some research into fun things you could do in the countries you’ll be visiting, and then plan acc…

Your Launch Arrival Details!

April 5, 2022
Launch Details You’ve patiently waited and now the time is here! Please read the following information carefully. Once you have planned your travel please update the “travel” section of your profile! You can find this under the “Launch & Training” section of your profile. This information must be on your profile BEFORE AUGUST 8th. **For Fall 3 Month trips (Semesters) – we do not recommend booking your travel until your trip has officially received the green light. Your Advisor will let you know when this happens.   Launch Location Sonesta Atlanta Airport North 1325 Virginia Ave, Atlanta, GA 30344 (404) 768-6660   A Complimentary Airport Shuttle runs to and from the hotel every 30 minutes. Pickup the shuttle at Ground Transportation, located outside o…

World Race Outreach Official Packing List

March 28, 2022
World Race Outreach Packing Guide You will hear (and read!) a lot of options on packing! Ultimately, pack what works for you. Here are our recommendations (popular brands in italics), dress guidelines, shopping suggestions and baggage requirements. Happy packing!  Packing List Staples Hiking Backpack: aka “Big Pack”. Frontloading and Internal Frame. 55-70L. Shoot for <45lb. Osprey, REI, Kelty. Daypack: Your average backpack. This will be your carry-on. Tent (with footprint & rain fly): 2-person freestanding. Shoot for <5lbs. REI, Marmot. Sleeping Pad: Different pads created for different types of sleepers. Nemo, Exped, Therm-a-Rest. Sleeping Bag: Shoot for a bag rated for 35º weather. Nemo, REI, Marmot. Travel Pillow (&amp…

Introducing Squad Colors!

March 24, 2022
The ring is ready, the ropes suspended, and the crowd waits with eager anticipation. A spot light shines to the center of the arena. The roaring crowd grows silent. It’s a time-honored tradition, and now it’s YOUR TURN to step into the ring! Bust out your face paint and get pumped as you prepare for World Race Outreach Launch! Introducing… (cue drum roll)… YOUR SQUAD COLORS!!! (If the Eye of the Tiger isn’t playing in your head yet, it should be.) Here’s how it works: There will be 6 squads launching in the fall. Up to now, you have been known by your different trips, but at launch we will know you by your squad pride. In just a few weeks, your squads will gather from far off states, distant provinces, and foreign lands.  First impressions are a big deal. Same goes for th…

Trip FAQs

March 9, 2022
All your questions answered…  (Well, kind of. You guys have lots of questions!)   Team Leaders: You will have 1 or 2 team leaders (depending on the size of your team – if your team is 10+ you will likely have 2 leaders). Team leaders are Adventures alumni who have been on World Race trips as a participant. In order to lead they must fill out an application, submit references, and go through a few interview rounds. They range in age from 20s to 30s. Their role is to disciple you, pour into you, love you, and lead you! (In addition to handling all the logistics and taking you to the hospital if you get sick…aka the fun stuff!) They have all the answers to life’s problems. NOT. They won’t always get it right – they are human, they will make mistakes. We tr…

Fall 2022 Launch – This is Getting Real!

February 14, 2022
Hey Racers!! The dates are official, so without further ado: You will be coming to Atlanta, Georgia for Launch on Saturday, August 27, 2022! This will be a combined launch event with the 11 Month World Race, 9 Month Gap Year, and 3 Month Fall Semesters Squads! HOW FUN. Don’t make travel plans just yet, though.  More information about the exact location of Launch as well as specific times to arrive will be coming closer to August. Your parents will also have the opportunity come for a couple days of launch (unless you opt out of inviting them): August 27-28, 2022 More details about the Parent Launch and invitations will be given closer to August.  Following the Parent Launch event, we will take you all back to our campus in Gainesville, GA to begin your training. See …