World Race Outreach Official Packing List

World Race Outreach Packing Guide

You will hear (and read!) a lot of options on packing! Ultimately, pack what works for you. Here are our recommendations (popular brands in italics), dress guidelines, shopping suggestions and baggage requirements. Happy packing! 

Packing List


  • Hiking Backpack: aka “Big Pack”. Frontloading and Internal Frame. 55-70L. Shoot for <45lb. Osprey, REI, Kelty.

  • Daypack: Your average backpack. This will be your carry-on.

  • Tent (with footprint & rain fly): 2-person freestanding. Shoot for <5lbs. REI, Marmot.

  • Sleeping Pad: Different pads created for different types of sleepers. Nemo, Exped, Therm-a-Rest.

  • Sleeping Bag: Shoot for a bag rated for 35º weather. Nemo, REI, Marmot.

  • Travel Pillow (& pillow case): Therm-a-Rest. 

  • Pack Converter: aka “Airporter”. For your big pack during travel & makes it possible to carry. Sea-to-Summit is strongly preferred by most. 

  • Headlamp (& batteries): Specifications don’t matter.

  • Camping Towel/Sarong: Quick-dry towels are common but get smelly. Sarongs are popular and cheap overseas.

  • Rain Jacket: Waterproof (not water-resistant), packable and breathable. 

  • Outlet converter: Most countries have different outlets. Converters can oftentimes be found on the field. 

  • Bible, Journal & Pens: For devos, processing and documenting

Additional Suggested Staples:

  • Packing Cubes: Keep clothes grouped in your pack. We promise, you’ll want these.

  • Stuff Sacks: Compress gear and save space (ie. sleeping bag, tent, etc.). REI, Sea to Summit, Osprey.

  • Sleeping Bag Liner: Versatile “sheet” for varying temperatures. 

  • Small Bag: For carrying around just a few things (ie. fanny pack, Kavu, drawstring bag, purse,).

  • Rain Cover for Pack(s): Compatible with your pack(s) size.

  • Reusable Water bottle: Nalgene, Hydroflask.

*Important Note for 1-4 Month Outreach Trips: 

We recommend that you do not purchase a tent until further details for your trip are provided, as it may not be necessary for your trip. If your trip requires additional or adjusted gear, we will inform you at least 1-2 months prior to the launch date. 

You are not required to use a hiking backpack – you may use a rolling duffel or suitcase instead. 


Travel Necessities

  • Passport: Must be valid for at least 6 months after you return from your trip. Need at least 1 blank page per country. 

  • Additional Government-Issued ID: Driver’s license or comparable ID.

  • Debit/Credit Card (with international capabilities): Get one that reimburses ATM fees! Charles Schwab is a favorite. We recommend having a credit card for emergencies.

  • Proof of Yellow Fever: See your profile (“Preparation” → “FAQs” →  “Medical”) for more information.

  • Proof of COVID Vaccination (if applicable)

  • Extra passport photos: These do not need to be the same as your passport photo! Available at drug stores, travel agencies or via apps on your phone. 

    • 1-4 Month Outreach: 1-2 photos

    • 9 Month Outreach: 2-4 photos

    • 11 Month Outreach: 4-6 photos

  • Photocopies of ID, cards & passport: Helpful “just in case”. 



  • Toiletries Bag: Many prefer a bag that can be hung. 

  • Prescription Medication: Bring all necessary prescriptions in original packaging, including your EpiPen (if applicable)!

  • Glasses/Contacts/Contact Solution (if needed): Do not rely solely on contacts; bring a pair of back-up glasses. 

  • Over-the-Counter Medicine: General medications are found in most countries, however many racers bring a small collection to get started.

  • Feminine products: Enough for several months. Most major cities will have options, but traditional tampons are not available in most countries. Pads can be found in most places. Recommendation: Look into reusable options such as a menstrual cup, reusable pads, period underwear, etc. 

  • Basic Necessities: The countries you’re going to will have access to these, but brands will be limited. Bring enough to get through training and plan to restock overseas. 

Toothbrush & toothpaste, Face & body wash, Lotion, Baby Wipes, roll of TP

Shampoo & conditioner, Deodorant, Razor, Sunscreen & bug spray


Luxury Items

*Use your discretion of what you’ll want to carry. You are responsible for everything you choose to bring. 

Racers often like to bring luxury items (meaning they’re not required, but nice-to-have for some!). Pick a couple, if you’d like, just don’t go overboard. Here are examples. 

Laptop/tablet, Kindle, Watch, jewelry, Art supplies

Laundry Bag Make-up, Guitar/instrument, Snacks, drink mix

Dry Shampoo/baby powder, Pictures, Earplugs, eye mask, Essential oils

Mini sewing kit, Loofah/washcloth, Clothesline/rope, Full-sized pillow

Headphones & splitter,Hat, scarf, sunglasses, External hard drive, Camera

Mess kit/spork/coffee mug, Power strip, Hammock/Eno, Bluetooth Speaker


All clothing must fit within our Dress Guidelines (see next section). 

Clothing is tricky, as it’s based on preference. There’s a balance between bringing clothes you are comfortable getting dirty or worn-in while also bringing clothes you’d wear at home. You do not need to purchase a whole new wardrobe of “missionary clothes”! We recommend you pack with variety in mind. 

Training in Georgia is filled with outdoor activities, sessions and camping – you won’t need skirts or church outfits for this. In preparing for the field, many racers look up climate averages for the countries on their route. Also know that you will be able to buy clothes on the field.

  • 5-8 tops
  • 2-4 pants/bottoms
  • 2-3 shorts
  • Fleece, flannel, sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Shoes: Tennis shoes, “shower shoes”, and sandals Birkenstocks, Rainbows, Chacos & Tevas
  • Sleep clothes
  • Socks, underwear & bras 
  • Swimwear –  Women: 2-3 skirts/dresses (at least 1 ankle length), Men: 1 “church” outfit (nicer pants & collared shirt)


Dress Guidelines

Dress and appearance carry a lot of weight around the world. When you minister in another country, you represent Christ, your local ministry host, and Adventures in Missions. Ministry is so much more than our preferences, so understand that your clothing choices this year may require sacrifice. 

The following dress guidelines have been created as a baseline expectation for your year. Within some countries, your ministry host may provide additional guidelines based on cultural norms. Racers are expected to honor these at all times, as we never want our dress or appearance to negatively affect ministry. 

You will be held accountable to these guidelines at Launch, Training, and on the Field. Our rule of thumb is if you’re questioning it, don’t bring it!

  • No see-through clothing

  • Stomach must be covered

  • Shorts must be as long as fingertips

  • Shirts cannot cover shorts (“lampshading”)

  • No bra straps can be shown

  • No spaghetti straps, strapless tops, or low hanging tank tops (on the front or side of your body)

  • Skirts and dresses must hit the top of your knee

  • Leggings and biker shorts are allowed but booty must be fully covered with a top (top can’t be skintight)

  • No jeans with excessive holes 

  • Full coverage one-piece swimsuit or tankini for women, swim trunks (no speedos) for men


Shopping Recommendations

REI Co-Op: They are usually familiar with racers and are so helpful – a one-stop-shop for most of your needs.
Tip: Sign up for a membership first, as you’ll earn dividends and rewards on purchases (aka free gear!!).

Wanderlust Outfitters: Run by WR alumni. They have racer recommendation lists. They love working with racers and even offer 1-1 guidance ([email protected]). Use ADVENTURES20 for a discount at checkout! 

World Race Buy and Sell Facebook Page: Facebook group to get new and used gear from racers.

Your local Target or Walmart: Always a great option!


Baggage Limits

Adventures is not responsible for expenses incurred for overweight baggage or instruments. We encourage you to pay attention to airline allowances, including budget airlines, as you shop, prepare and pack!