The Low Down on World Race Training

What is Training?

World Race training camp is an intense (or in-tents, as it were) 2 week experience where you, your teammates, and your entire launch window meet in Georgia to connect deeply with the Lord and each other before flying to your first country. During your two weeks at Adventures, you will receive training and activation in how you can live in greater intimacy with God, deeper connection with your community, and a life dedicated to God’s mission for His people. Through teaching, prayer, scenarios, and relationship building, you will step out of fear and shame and into more relationship with the Father. You’ll also receive training on how to partner with God to establish His Kingdom on Earth.

It’s designed to be challenging because we want to prepare you for the road ahead. We will put you in scenarios sure to stretch you, refine you, and bring you closer to Christ.

You’ll end the weeks with a newfound intimacy and confidence in the Lord and an excitement and expectation for your time on the World Race. God will change your life during training — and it’s just the beginning of the work He’ll do over the coming year.

A note on Gap Year: After the 11 Month World Race Squad and 3 Month trips depart, you will remain at Adventures in Missions for an additional month of training, discipleship, and ministry (as planned). 

Lodging & Bathrooms

While at Adventures in Missions, you will be camping with your squad! We have a number of campsites that will include plenty of space for tents, water stations, laundry lines, trees to hang your hammocks in, and room for your squad to hang out. You will be outdoors in the hot Georgia summer heat, red clay, and wildlife (aka bugs). Plan for that and pop-up rain storms! Don’t forget your rain jacket and rain fly/footprint!

Adventures in Missions is not responsible for any electronics left in tents or outside, or that are damaged, lost, or stolen. Plan to carry your electronics with you. We recommend having a waterproof case for them.

For your bathrooms, we will have porta potties set up and showers available. Your squad’s shower times will be scheduled. If you would like to shower outside of that scheduled time, we have bucket shower stalls available for you to get the true training camp experience.


Training is a time to focus on your relationship with God and the community around you. With that being said, we want to help you eliminate distraction and be fully present. While at Training,  you will turn in your phones each morning. They will be kept in a safe location throughout the day so that you can be fully present. Your leaders will return your phones to you each night so that you can connect with family, write blogs, have an alarm, etc. This is a time to be united in our commitment to all God has for us in these short days – to have devotion with the Lord, connection with community, and a ton of fun! 

Fitness Expectations

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are all interconnected. This year will stretch you in each of these areas. To best prepare you, Training Camp will have multiple physical fitness components. 

To prepare yourself for possible activities at Training Camp, and for life on the field, you should be able to do the following:

  • hike 4 miles up and down steep inclines with your pack in 2 hours 

(think: a hiking trail on a mountain)

How does this make you feel? If you feel worried, think about adding some training into your daily schedule to make sure that you’re adequately prepared when you come to camp and eventually for the race. 

Challenging ourselves physically opens up the opportunity to stretch and grow us in the other areas of health, as well as drives closeness to the Lord. 

Training Camp is a great start to assess your readiness for the physical rigors of life on the Race. You may be asked to defer to a later route until you are physically fit enough to participate.

If you have a new injury or other physical limitation, please notify your Admissions Advisor now!

A note on food allergies and preferences:

While we understand that our bodies are built differently, the reality of the mission field is that you will rarely have much control over what is available for you to eat. You will be served a variety of dishes overseas, and unless you have a serious food allergy, declining to eat a dish can be seen as offensive.

If you have a food allergy or intolerance listed on your Medical tab, we will make accommodations for you at training. However, food is ordered weeks in advance, and if you do not inform us of these needs in advance, you will be expected to eat the food served, or make do.  

If you are vegetarian/vegan: While not all main dishes will involve meat, several will. In these cases we will NOT serve separate vegetarian meals, as food preferences will not be accommodated. Just like on the Race, you will need to make do with what is served.