Introducing Squad Colors!

The ring is ready, the ropes suspended, and the crowd waits with eager anticipation. A spot light shines to the center of the arena. The roaring crowd grows silent.

It’s a time-honored tradition, and now it’s YOUR TURN to step into the ring! Bust out your face paint and get pumped as you prepare for World Race Outreach Launch!

Introducing… (cue drum roll)… YOUR SQUAD COLORS!!!

(If the Eye of the Tiger isn’t playing in your head yet, it should be.)

Here’s how it works: There will be 6 squads launching in the fall. Up to now, you have been known by your different trips, but at launch we will know you by your squad pride.

In just a few weeks, your squads will gather from far off states, distant provinces, and foreign lands. 

First impressions are a big deal. Same goes for the World Race: Why come to launch without a way to identify your squad? We want to see you show up with all the squad spirit you can muster. 

Your challenge is to arrive at launch representing your squad’s color:

11 Month Squad = P Squad (red)

Gap Year Outreach Route = Gap J Squad (blue)

Gap Year Activation Route = Gap K Squad (green)

Gap year Development Route = Gap L Squad (orange)

Central America Outreach = Central America Squad (purple)

Southeast Asia Outreach = Southeast Asia Squad (yellow)

Make this as simple or all-out as your squad would like. You may all decide to show up in any ol’ shirt – or your squad may choose to come together to design a shirt for the entire squad – well same design that is, not shirt, just to clarify.

Embellishments will not be discouraged. 

Colorful accessories? Why not?

Face paint? Absolutely.

Hair dye? I dare you.

From january2018.theworldrace.org 

Come one, come all ye squads and show us your squad spirit! Come dressed in your finest blues, greens, reds, oranges, purples, and yellows and we might just lay out the red carpet for you. 

But then again, it is World Race Outreach…so probably we will just cheer you on with smiling faces.

May the most colorful squad win!


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