Your Launch Arrival Details!

Launch Details

You’ve patiently waited and now the time is here!

Please read the following information carefully. Once you have planned your travel please update the “travel” section of your profile! You can find this under the “Launch & Training” section of your profile.

This information must be on your profile BEFORE AUGUST 8th.

**For Fall 3 Month trips (Semesters) – we do not recommend booking your travel until your trip has officially received the green light. Your Advisor will let you know when this happens.


Launch Location

Sonesta Atlanta Airport North

1325 Virginia Ave, Atlanta, GA 30344

(404) 768-6660


A Complimentary Airport Shuttle runs to and from the hotel every 30 minutes. Pickup the shuttle at Ground Transportation, located outside of Baggage Claim. Look for the Hotel Shuttle Area – Bays 9 – 13.

We are booking your rooms for you. When you arrive at the hotel, do not go to the check in desk. You will receive your room assignment at registration.

Travel Information

Your launch will begin on Saturday, August 27th!

Registration will take place from 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM.

If you are flying in:

Please book flights that arrive into Atlanta, GA (ATL) no later than 3:00 PM.

If your parents are attending Parent Launch (info below), they will need to be at the hotel by 1:00 PM so you should book an earlier flight.

Grab your bags from baggage claim and head to the hotel shuttle area outside (follow signs in the airport). There are many hotels in the area, so make sure you are on the correct shuttle! 

If you arrive early and your parents are not attending Parent Launch, please remain at the airport until 2:00 PM.


If you are driving in:

Please plan to arrive at the hotel no later than 4:00 PM.

If your parents are attending Parent Launch (info below), they will need to be at the hotel by 1:00 PM so you should plan to arrive earlier.


For Everyone:

Upon arrival at the hotel, you should report directly to the registration area. DO NOT visit the front desk and ask if your room is ready.

If you must arrive early due to Parent Launch, we will have a room set up for baggage storage. You can either wait there or in your parents’ room for check in to begin. Please do not congregate in the hotel lobby.

Please note: The storage room will not be staffed and leaving your bags there will be at your discretion.   


Bring your passport and all vaccine cards to registration.

Dinner WILL be provided.

If you have any conflicts with arrival times, contact your advisor before booking any travel.

After beginning in Atlanta, we will transport you back to the Adventures in Missions campus for the remainder of your launch and training!

Parent Launch Information

Your parents, should they choose to come to Parent Launch, will be staying at the hotel but they will need to book their own accommodations.

The parents’ event begins on Saturday, August 27th at 1:00 PM

They will receive additional information from Parent Ministry regarding their process.


It just got real, y’all.

* Please note: Racers are unable to receive mail or packages that get sent to the hotel or Adventures in Missions. With that being said, it is NOT an option to mail letters or packages to Racers or staff at either location.